About Mike Anthony

I established 'Mike Anthony Forensic Polygraph & Consulting LLC' in 2010 to provide quality confidential  professional polygraph services for attorneys, law enforcement agencies and any persons in need of truth verification. 

I retired from the City of Taylor Police Department at the rank of Lieutenant after 22 years of service in July 2011.  I began in 1989 in the uniform road patrol.  In 1995  I was selected to the Detective Bureau.  As a Detective, I investigated misdemeanor and felony cases which included Fraud, Armed Robbery, Arson, Criminal Sexual Assault and Homicide.  I was trained as the departments Arson Investigator in 1998.

In 2002, I attended Basic Polygraph School at the American International Institute of Polygraph in Atlanta GA.  I then completed a state required polygraph internship with the Michigan State Police Polygraph Unit.

During my assignment as the Taylor Police Polygraph Examiner from 2002 to 2011,  I provided police polygraph services for most of the police departments in Wayne County as well as the Wayne County Prosecutors Office.  I have successfully completed over 1000 police criminal polygraph examinations.

In 2006 I was assigned the training responsibilities for the Taylor Police Department. I have been involved in the hiring process as an oral board interviewer, background investigator and Field Training Officer Supervisor.

In 2000 I was promoted to Sergeant and supervised a patrol shift for one year. In 2001 I was assigned to supervise the Youth Services Bureau; responsible for four Investigators, two DARE Officers and two School Resource Officers. The Youth Services Bureau was responsible for all criminal investigations involving juvenile offenders as well as adult offenders against juvenile victims. These investigations included Criminal Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Domestic Assault, Arson, Robbery’s, Home Invasions and Homicide. 

In 2009, I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned back to the Uniform Road Patrol where I supervised the Midnight and Dayshift Patrol shifts until retirement